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Fri, Mar 1, 2019
Contest Preparations

Excellent results in the last two year’s national contest has earned Syston Band promotion to the Third Section (banding’s version of the football league). A passer-by going past the bandroom at the moment might be forgiven for thinking ‘I wonder why they play that so often’. The answer is that for the national competition every band is required to play the same piece of music. For 2019 the third section test piece is Gustav Holst’s ‘First Suite in Eb’. Syston Band will be competing with this in Oxford in February before the ‘big one’, the regional heats of the National Championship (known in banding as ‘the Area’) in Kenilworth in March. 

Syston Band has been doubly fortunate recently to receive two financial awards. Syston Town Council have given an £125 contribution towards the band’s Youth Development Project.

Funding Grants

Charnwood Borough Council has awarded £3000 toward the refurbishment of some of the band’s instrument stock. Brass band instruments are an expensive commodity; for example, a Euphonium can cost over £6000 and a Bb Bass over £10000. However, a refurbishment costing a fraction of this can extend the life of an instrument by many years. Syston Band provides instruments, music and uniforms free of charge and is grateful to CBC for their help in ensuring the availability of serviceable instruments for present and future members.

Syston Band Chairman, Dave Houseman, told the Syston Town News that the Band acknowledges the time and hard work that Committee Member Derek Burden devotes to sourcing grants

Furthermore, the Band would like to express their gratitude to Syston Town Council and Charnwood Borough Council for their generosity. In particular thanks go to Councillors Eric Vardy, Ken Pacey and Tom Barkley for their support and encouragement. 


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